Jockey Y-Fronts UK Underwear

Jockey Y-Fronts UK Underwear

Traditional classic Jockey Y-Fronts with inverted ‘y’ style, and modern curved side opening fly style briefs and boxer briefs, including the new Jockey retro range.

Jockey Classic Range

Jockey Y Fronts
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Jockey Classic, Jockey Modern and Jockey Retro Range

Jockey Y-Fronts originate from a company originally called Coopers in the USA. In 1935 they introduced these new type of underwear to the US market. And three years later in 1938, they would make their debut to the UK market.

Briefs that provide comfort, support and accessibility were all features of this new style of underwear. The success of this new type of underwear would go on to become to become so huge that the manufacturer’s Coopers itself would soon re-brand itself to the same name as their new flagship goldmine money spinner – Jockey.

And thus the success of the Jockey Y-Front and company name was cemented in history, albeit the “Y-Front” tag being a Brit-ism; in the USA they are simply referred to as Jockey’s.

Jockey Retro Y-Trunks

Made with 100% fine cotton and having a super soft finish, the Jockey y-front is now available in over 100 countries across the world.

The popularity of Jockey y-fronts UK underwear continued well into the 80s where they then seemed to lose their popularity in favour of boxer shorts. A popular Levi’s ad at the time is often credited as carrying some of the responsibility for that.

However, they may have gone down, but they never went out, continuing to be sold, and over the last few years there has been a resurgence in their popularity.

In 2009 Jockey Retro Y-Fronts were released. These have the same great style and comfort that men have become used to, but in the colours of the 60s. Hippie Y-Fronts eh?

Made from super soft 100% cotton material, it has the classic ‘Y’ design on the front, which of course has the obligatory side opening that remains popular today ‘Y’ or no ‘Y.’ It also features a gently ribbed white leg trim to create that 60s retro style.

And to top it off they feature as you would expect a double layered pouch to provide the comfort and support that Jockey is world renowned for. Available in 6 colours – turquoise (light blue), fuchsia (red), mandarin (orange), navy (dark blue), pistachio (green) or powder pink. Get your Jockey retro Y-Fronts now.

If you prefer trunks or boxer briefs, you can get Jockey Y-Front trunks in these same 6 colours too. Featuring a seamless back and sides, plus seams that are flat stitched and contoured at the gusset to create the smooth and comfortable fit we all love.

Oh, and you can also get matching Jockey Athletics shirts to go with your retro y-front or trunk underwear too.

If you prefer the classic white style, then you can get the classic white Jockey Y-front and Jockey Y-Front Trunks too.

You can also continue to buy the classic white y-fronts range. The original style of underwear that led to the term “tighty whities.” More like snug and secure, but without humour you lack a good nickname.

But they didn’t stop there. New fashion trend or a cheap gimmick? They released women’s y-fronts too. However, since their launch they seem to have either run out of stock, or have been quietly removed from the market as it seems difficult to find the Jockey woman y-front anywhere, although you can buy other styles of Jockey branded women’s underwear.

There have been recent articles also joking that the comfort and support provided by the jockey y-fronts have led to their resurgence in recent times. Apparently men feel so insecure during a recession that they are psychologically inclined to look for increased comfort and support wherever they can.

And keeping their package comfortable and supported with a front seems to be just the recession busting ticket that they were looking for.

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