Left Handed Underwear / Horizontal Opening

Left Handed Underwear

Left Handed Underwear
HOM HO1 Trunks – Left handed underwear.

Aimed primarily with the left handed male in mind, it is now possible to buy what has been termed as “Left Handed Underwear” or “Left handed y fronts”.

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The former name is actually a bit of a misnomer though, as it is not so much left handed (as in having the traditional fly access on the opposite side) as it is a rearrangement of the opening flap. But it does better serve the purpose of providing easier access for the left handed male.

The latter name is also a bit of a misnomer. Y-fronts should refer to an inverted y design. But the term has become common to use if underwear has any form of fly opening.

Y fronts or Jockey briefs are designed for right handed males, no surprises there. Boxer shorts and some boxer briefs have a vertical centre opening, which may or may not be sealed with buttons.

This style of underwear with a horizontal fly/opening is far easier for left handed people to work with.

The so called “left handed” style has taken the traditional vertical side or central opening, turned it into a horizontal opening, and placed it underneath the waistband. Perhaps a better name for this underwear style would be to have called it “Kangaroo Pouch Underwear!” Or how about “Roo Fronts?”

So as you can see, it is clearly not a left hand specific style, but rather a different style altogether that does not really matter what the main hand is you use. It is a central flap with no buttons, so right handed or left handed you can use these style of underwear easily.

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You are not limited to briefs either. You can get boxer briefs styles, you can get long johns, you can get hipsters. So this horizontal pouch opening style of underwear is worth trying out whether you are left handed or not if you are a fan of underwear that has an opening in it.

The main manufacturer of this new range of underwear is the famous HOM brand, which is famous for its range of colourful, stylish and enhancement underwear. Sloggi and Clever underwear brands have also been testing the market albeit more tentatively. So try them out. If you like them and continue to buy them then this style of underwear is sure to stay, and even more variety of styles will appear.

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